Customized Fit

1. Footpegs

A long stretch to the controls or a "knees-high" cramped riding position puts strain on your body after even a

short ride. Re-positioning your feet on the controls relieves muscle tension, takes pressure off the tail bone, and

reduces rider fatigue.

Customized Fit

2. Handlebars

The handlebars you choose to outfit your motorcycle will help you customize the look of your bike and maximize your riding comfort and enjoyment. The correct handlebar size can enhance the feeling of control on a winding road, and it can add a hundred miles to a day’s ride. Choosing a Handlebar is about more than just style, it’s about how you approach the road. Where the bar positions your hands, wrists and arms directly affects how you feel on the motorcycle. For every set of bars, there are three factors to consider: rise, width and pull-back. These three measurements determine your reach to the hand controls which will affect your overall comfort and feeling of control over the road.

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3. Seats

For any rider, the right seat is equal parts comfort and ergonomics. When the shape's right, your seat will

anchor your riding position and determine your reach to the ground and controls.

CLICK HERE for a complete article on Motorcycle Seats 101.

Mustang Motorcycle Seats

4. Lowering Links / Suspension Adjustments

Adjusting your ride height by lowering the suspension may be the first step in fitting the bike to your inseam


Progressive Suspension

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