Many vehicle owners, operators, customers, etc. have performed some sort of service procedure to their equipment preparing it for the winter months. Whether you prepare your vehicle for winter storage or not shouldn’t be a question, but what exactly these services are preventing should be.

Motorcycles, personal watercraft (PWCs), and outboard engines, all need some sort of preparation for winter storage. As many of you know the expensive fuel these days lacks quality and goes sour in about thirty days which has customers calling service departments in the beginning days of spring for carburetor cleanings, battery replacement, and often times both. Now as many of the procedures are common between motorcycles, PWCs, and outboards, there are some differences. Adding a fuel stabilizer, a battery tender, antifreeze in water passages in PWCs, is a good start, but wouldn’t it be nice to know your vehicle has been professionally winterized, stored out of your way and peace of mind with trouble free starts on the FIRST nice day of spring?

As a service manager my personal vehicles are always ready for a nice day to go riding, but from a customer’s stand point I could not imagine the feeling of picking up my motorcycle after three months of not worrying or even thinking about motorcycle riding and it being clean, easy to start, and the smooth throttle of flawless carburetion. Now unfortunately for many customers, this is not the case. Many call with complaints of hard or no starts, rough and backfiring running issues, dead batteries, and fouled spark plugs. Now if this isn’t bad enough, it happens when the weather is nice and you want to ride! So, how can you not worry about this happening to you and make sure you and your bike, PWC, or outboards, are ready the very first nice day of spring?

As a matter of fact with our services every procedure of winterizing is completed, you will receive a Battery Tender Jr., and your unit will be detailed and 100% ready for the season before you come to pick it up! Outboard customers will have their water cooling impeller (which usually deteriorates every couple years), gaskets, housing, and seals replaced. A full service on the lower unit is also included and new oil in the engine. Every vehicle will be ran through heat cycles, all cables and idle adjusted, and verified that you will be ready to cruise down the road worry free and looking good.

Please call and schedule your winterization and storage service today and avoid the hassle of needing service when it is your time to ride. Limited space available so act now!

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